Urban Forest Webmap for Islington

In 2019, the London Borough of Islington published its ‘Urban Forest Webmap’.

The Webmap is a publicly available website, which displays the locations and features of a city’s urban forest. The aim is to help towns and cities communicate and engage with their residents, concerning the green infrastructure in the places they live and work. Islington commissioned the Webmap to complement an i-Tree Canopy and i-Tree Eco Survey it had recently undertaken.

The site provides an overview of the trees within each of its 16 wards, and also shows the ecosystem services they are providing (carbon sequestration, avoided run-off, air pollution filtration) as well as tree condition, and CAVAT amenity values. The site also shows potential plantable space; historical tree cover and canopy goals will be added.

Jon Ryan, Arboricultural Manager for Islington’s Tree Services team, says, “As a result of the i-Tree studies and Webmap, the Borough was able to obtain political support and a substantial amount of funding for the planting and maintenance of new trees. It’s great to see the results graphically rather than trying to tease the results out of data”.

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