Vårt uppdrag

Att öka förståelsen för fördelarna med träd.

Målet med Treekonomi är att öka förståelsen för hur träd förbättra livsvillkoren för människor i urbana och periurbana miljöer.

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Vad våra kunder säger

“We were very pleased with the results. For the first time we are now able to take relative tree benefits into account when making decisions”

East Devon District Council

“Treeconomics has provided the evidence we needed for our local plan and other policies. The ward canopy figures have been invaluable when speaking to councillors about trees”

Plymouth City Council

“Quantifying the value and benefits that our tree stock provides has allowed me to put forward a much more professional and convincing case when discussing the resources needed to properly manage our green spaces. Directors with experience of managing built assets have immediately understood the approach.”

Liverty Housing