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Treeconomics is the go to organisation for the valuing of trees in towns and cities. We specialise in all aspects of urban forest management and offer a range of services, from canopy cover assessments through to comprehensive management plans.

Using software models such as iTree, we are able to measure the structure and composition of our trees and urban forests. Treeconomics can calculate the benefits and ecosystem services they provide, and value them in monetary terms. This provides an evidence based approach in the development of informed urban forestry programs, management plans and projects. We can deliver…

Tree inventories

Treeconomics can analyse your existing tree inventory to help you understand and value your resource, and its societal benefits.

We provide estimates of the ecosystem services provided by your trees, including air quality improvement, avoided stormwater run-off and carbon storage, as well as detailed information on species composition, and pest and disease resilience. Treeconomics can also complete the field work to produce an initial tree inventory, should you not have an existing inventory to work from.
Prices start at £3,000.

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Canopy survey

Percent canopy cover serves as a simple measure of the extent of the urban forest and the magnitude of services it provides.

How much canopy cover do you have? Where should you target new planting? The first step in reincorporating green infrastructure into a community’s planning framework is to measure urban forest canopy and set canopy goals. Treeconomics can assist you with a basic i-Tree canopy survey through to advanced GIS spatial analytics.

Simple i-Tree Canopy projects start at £800. More advanced surveys including GIS prices begin at £5,000.

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City survey

Urban trees provide a range of beneficial services which are of particular importance in the urban environment. Treeconomics can conduct and provide surveys of large urban areas, from the scale of a London borough to the entire city.

Prices vary as Treeconomics can provide as little or as much assistance as required, depending on your in-house expertise and the involvement of other stakeholders. Guide prices for budgeting from £20,000-£50,000.

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Urban forest masterplans

As experts in urban forests, Treeconomics offers strategic management, planning and monitoring services to help you devise an Urban Forest Master Plan, and deliver actions meeting both local and national urban forest needs and objectives.

Our services, commencing with measurement of your urban forest assets, are available either as a complete package or selected individually, depending on your unique requirements.

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To view offline, please download a copy of our Urban Forest Sustainable Management brochure.

Tailored surveys and other services

Alongside canopy cover assessments, we also offer…

  • Cost benefit analysis from a single tree to the landscape scale
  • Planting priority mapping using GIS
  • Creation of bespoke tree benefit tools
  • Training
  • Preparation of planting plans, including advice on species selection
  • Preparation of specifications for supply, planting and management of young trees
  • Full audits of young trees at the end of contractual maintenance periods

From data collection to achievable objectives – Treeconomics can also assist with data interpretation and goal setting, liaising with key stakeholders on the findings to develop priorities and management objectives for the urban forest, as well as forecasts of tree benefits into the future.

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