Treeconomics works internationally with community groups, research organisations, public bodies, municipalities and private business to complete projects which highlight the value of trees.

Once you value and understand a resource, you can start to manage it, making sure it provides benefits for future generations. With better information we can make better and more informed decisions about our natural resources.

We use a variety of different assessment tools and methods for our work, including the most widely used i-Tree Eco model. This is a peer reviewed, open source package, which we piloted in the UK with our project partners. Development is ongoing.

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Treeconomics Limited is a social enterprise, an organisation that applies commercial strategies to maximise improvements in human and environmental wellbeing, rather than maximising profits for external shareholders.

As an organisation, we value diversity, equality and inclusion, and welcome applications from everyone. We encourage our staff to bring their whole selves to work, as authenticity makes our team strong.

Our mission

Sustainable treescapes for everyone

Treeconomics works to understand how trees improve our urban spaces, making them better places to live.

We aim to demonstrate that trees are part of the solution for many of our urban problems – be that air pollution, climate adaptation, crime, or manifold others.

With towns and cities housing the largest populations of people, our Urban Forests hold the greatest potential to improve health and wellbeing, and stand at the frontline against Climate Change.

Meet the team

Treeconomics is managed by Kenton Rogers MICFor., CEnv., MSc For, M.Arbor.A., FRGS, and Keith Sacre MSc (Arb), BSc Hons (Arb) MICFor, both have significant experience in urban forestry, ecology and ecosystem resource management.

Kenton Rogers


Kenton is a forestry consultant and has worked in the industry for over fifteen years starting out as a field technician with…

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Keith Sacre


Keith has over twenty years' experience in local government as a nursery, parks and operations manager…

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Danielle Hill

Senior Urban Forest Consultant

Danni joined the Treeconomics team in 2019, after studying Environmental Science at the University of Plymouth, followed by a career in teaching...

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John Rose

Urban Forest Consultant

John joined Treeconomics in 2021, bringing experience from well outside the world of trees...

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Catherine Vaughan-Johncey

Urban Forest Technician

Catherine is one of Treeconomics' Urban Forest Technicians...

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Harry Munt

Urban Forest Technician

Harry has recently joined Treeconomics as an Urban Forest Technician...

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Nadine Moreby

Executive Assistant, Marketing & Events Coordinator

Nadine looks after the administration of the team and coordinates the marketing of Treeconomics, as well as the various events that the organisation hosts...

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Johan Östberg

Associate - Projects Manager (Scandinavia)

Johan works with both consultancy and research to create better management...

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Cecil Konijnendijk

Associate - Consultant

Cecil is one of the world's leading experts in urban forestry and works internationally in an advisory capacity...

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Jan-Willem de Groot

Associate - Projects Manager (The Netherlands)

Jan Willem works as both Consultant and Franchise Manager for Pius Floris Boomverzorging in The Netherlands...

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Dave Partridge

Associate - GIS Specialist

Dave has over 25 years' experience with mapping and GIS. He holds a BSc in Surveying & Mapping Science from Newcastle University...

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Poppy Hill

Health and Wellbeing Technician

Poppy has recently joined the team and is responsible for consistently promoting the benefits of trees and our natural environment!

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