Our mission

Sustainable treescapes for everyone

It is the goal and passion of Treeconomics to work to understand how trees improve our urban spaces, making them better places to live.

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What our clients say

“We are delighted with the work that Treeconomics has done in classifying the range of trees we grow, this will make it easier for our customers to make informed planting decisions and maximise their ecological return on investment.  This is very innovative work and we hope it will help to bridge the gap between science and end user tree selection.” (Carbon Performance Project, 2021)

Barcham Trees

"Thanks for delivering such an excellent project for us! We wanted to gain the most benefit possible form our project and decide (rather ambitiously) to deliver all the surveying ourselves using PCC Staff, and volunteers. Danielle, Nadine, Kenton and James were really helpful and accommodating of our ideas and approach and delivered training and supported us along the way. The team are a joy to work with and Plymouth CC, our partners and volunteers have been very impressed with your professionalism, expertise, innovation, attention to detail and for delivering us with a high quality project.” (i-Tree Eco project, 2020)

Plymouth City Council

"A big thanks to you. It’s been a fantastic project and has become a cornerstone of our current tree management practices, it has also spawned many smaller research projects. It will be interesting to do it all again in a few years’ time!" (i-Tree Eco project, 2020)

Sheffield City Council

"In Southwark, we are committed to nurturing our existing 82,000 trees, and planting more. As an inner London borough, we value the vital role that our trees play in helping to improve air quality, as well the other multiple benefits they offer to local communities and neighbourhoods. We welcome Treeconomics and their expertise. This commission will help us to further quantify the environmental benefits that Southwark’s trees provides to local people and better inform our current and future management, of Southwark’s urban forest." (i-Tree Eco project, 2020)

Southwark Council

"Really beautifully done! A great tool for residents and stakeholders.” (Urban Forest Webmap, 2019)

London Borough of Islington

“Quantifying the value and benefits that our tree stock provides has allowed me to put forward a much more professional and convincing case when discussing the resources needed to properly manage our green spaces. Directors with experience of managing built assets have immediately understood the approach.” (i-Tree Eco project, 2018)

Liverty Housing

“Treeconomics has provided the evidence we needed for our local plan and other policies. The ward canopy figures have been invaluable when speaking to councillors about trees.” (Canopy Survey, 2017)

Plymouth City Council