Why Should I Work with Treeconomics?

Quite simply because valuing our urban forests, green infrastructure or natural capital makes economic sense.

Our recent asset value exercise in Torbay demonstrated the justification of spending on the maintenance and improvement of the urban forest, leading to a £25,000 increase in the planting budget, and highlighted the importance of Torbay’s trees to policy makers and the community alike.

Faced with tightening budgets government agencies, local government, public sector organisations, companies, businesses and conservation organisations, amongst others, must make difficult decisions about how to allocate funds and investments. This includes investment into the natural environment, including trees and woodland management.

Treeconomics provides government groups, corporates, communities and private enterprise the demonstrative economic value of trees thus providing not just fiscal accountability for the investment but also the additional benefits that would otherwise remain un-seen and unaccounted for.

Public and private spending involves making decisions that involve tradeoffs or allocations of natural resources—decisions that call for economic analysis. Treeconomics provides the means to measure and illustrate the true value of trees and green infrastructure based on the benefits they provide.

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