The Urban Forest and its importance

The ‘Urban forest’ plays a vital role in our ecology and wellbeing.

The ‘Urban forest’ – the collection of trees, shrubs and green space that grow within and around cities and towns – plays a vital role in making liveable places. With more than 80% of people in England living in urban areas,  the role of trees and woodland becomes ever more important.

Urban forests are good for the economy, good for the environment and good for people. And with around 15% of all woodland in England being part of the urban forest, it is important that we protect, improve and expand this important natural capital. Sustainable urban forest management not only has to understand this resource but to strategically plan, measure and monitor actions designed to meet both local and national needs and objectives.

The opportunities trees and woodlands in urban forests provide for economic and social value should be reflected in local policies and budgets. This can include valuing the urban forest in your area by using tools such as iTree, making space for new planting and allowing for adequate tree protection and maintenence.

Treeconomics is an expert in urban forestry, which is the care and management of urban forests. We are the UK market leader in measuring and valuing the benefits of our trees and we will work with you to devise an Urban Forest Master Plan to ensure you maximise the benefits of this important natural resource. So please contact us today to discuss how we can help with your urban forest.