Urban Forest Monitoring

Offering an objective assessment of activities after the measurement and planning stages of your urban forest master plan are completed, Treeconomics can ensure that progress continues to be made.

Monitoring Progress

Treeconomics can offer a comprehensive service, monitoring progress towards the aims and objectives outlined in the management master plan, involving modifications and developments to the plan as the programme evolves.

New Development Assessment

Most development in urban areas will involve green space and trees. Treeconomics, using a suite of tools including i-Tree, can offer an evaluation of the ecosystem service benefits offered by alternative design solutions. This allows decisions to be made early in the process and the most appropriate solution chosen.

Review & Improve

Urban tree management should be an on-going process and so it will be important to review the results and the progress, to ensure that the objectives have been met, your urban forest is being developed and to set further goals and plans for the future.

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To view offline, please download a copy of our Urban Forest Sustainable Management brochure.