Urban Forest Measurement

The first stage in the development of a successful urban forest master plan is to collate a comprehensive knowledge of what is being managed.

Canopy Cover Assessment

A good starting point is an i-Tree canopy cover analysis. Treeconomics is experienced in the use of i-Tree and other canopy measurement tools and can deliver detailed assessments of varying complexity but all with results that are easy to understand and utilise. .

Structural Assessment

Species mix, age range, distribution, health are just some of the urban forest characteristics which need to be recorded and understood if successful management planning is to be achieved. Treeconomics has an extensive working knowledge of various survey methods including the effective use of i-Tree Eco.

Functions and Value Assessment -Natural Capital Accounting

Quantifying the benefits the urban forest delivers and estimating the value of those benefits to urban communities is again a critical element of urban forest management and promotion. Treeconomics has wide knowledge and experience in the use of tools such as i-Tree Eco GiVal, CO2 Fix , CAVAT and others for this essential purpose.

Stakeholder & Community Engagement

Experience has shown that surveying provides an ideal opportunity for real community engagement. Treeconomics can assist with designed and tested programmes for the training and motivation of volunteers from the community.

Following measurement and evaluation of your urban forest measurement, the next stages in the development of your urban forest master plan will need to consider strategic management planning then monitoring / development.

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