Resources and References

The benefits of our green infrastructure and natural capital are being appreciated more and more. Some examples of case studies, articles and papers we are or have been involved with include:

i-Tree Reports 

• Valuing London’s Urban Forest. Download a copy of the London i-Tree report here. You can also view the data from the report here on the UrbanTreeCover website.

 Valuing the Natural Capital of Area 1. The value of trees within the strategic road network has long been recognised but its only now that we have been able to quantify these benefits.  EM Highway Services opted to use the i-Tree Eco software in a pilot trial to quantify the benefits provided by its soft estate. EM selected Evans Associates and Treeconomics as their partners, with additional support provided from Davey Tree Expert Company and Forest Research. The application of this technology to highway trees on a strategic road network is a world first.  The i-Tree Eco survey undertaken demonstrated that the benefit of the natural capital in just the West Country (Area 1 of the Highways Network) provides £794,000 of environmental services each year.

• Torbay’s Urban Forest – Assessing Urban Forest Effects and Values – Treeconomics has now published the full report on the findings from the i-Tree Eco pilot project in Torbay. The results demonstrate that the tree stocks of even a medium-sized local authority can represent a significant structural and environmental asset.   To download a copy of the report and watch a news report on the project, please visit our project page.


 Using Canopy Cover for Urban Forest Management – in this second part of a two part article, Kenton Rogers explores what canopy cover means, the methods by which it can be assessed, and its uses.

 What is the Urban Forest and Why is it Important? – in this first part of a two part article, Treeconomics’ Kenton Rogers takes a look at what actually makes up the “Urban Forest”

• Arboretum Towns – Keith and Kenton explore the new concept of Arboretum Towns or Civic Arboretums, the first of which, Sidmouth, is discussed in detail.

i-Tree article and Conference Report – Garden Square News this article provides an excellent overview of recent discussions held at the ‘Managing Urban Trees in the 21st Century’ conference, along with an overview of i-Tree and its uses.

Determining Tree Growth in the Urban Forestthe second Trees, People and the Built Environment conference took place 2-3 April 2014 at Birmingham University. The event proceedings and individuals papers from the conference can now be found on the Institute of Chartered Foresters’ website. A paper from Treeconomics’ Kenton Rogers, along with Vicki Lawrence and Tony R Hutchings, on Determining Tree Growth in the Urban Forest can also be downloaded here.

• Does Money Grow on Trees? An article which appeared in Tree News outlining the Torbay project can be downloaded by clicking here.

i-Tree Eco – Modelling the Lungs of our Cities in the UK – Pro Arb Magazine, March 2015 – Trees are often referred to as the lungs of our cities but it has been hard to quantify just how much good they do. In this article Kenton Rogers explains how the value of trees can be modelled using the i-Tree Eco software package.

• The Ecologist: Torbay adopts i-Tree software that ‘puts a value on trees’ article.

i-Tree in the UK – A Review – a seminar based on studies of i-Tree Eco projects, with talks from those involved, was led by Kenton Rogers, co-founder of Treeconomics, at the Cambridgeshire nursery of Barcham Trees in early October.  The day featured seven speakers and allowed a lively exchange of views with a lecture room filled with delegates eager to understand what is happening and what has already been achieved. A summary of the day’s proceedings with feedback on each of the projects can be downloaded here.

Determining Tree Care for Climate, Health and Wealth, Tree Care Industry MagazineKenton Rogers looks at saving urban trees through growth prediction.

• ICF Conference – Essential Arb: A report on the i-Tree and Treeconomics / Torbay presentations at the 2011 Institute of Chartered Foresters conference.

• The Ecologist: Torbay adopts i-Tree software that ‘puts a value on trees’ article.





 Sustainable management of the urban forest: our service provision – the Treeconomics corporate brochure outlines the urban forest planning, management and monitoring services provided by Treeconomics. These services can be used either as a complete package or selected individually, depending on the requirements of individual clients.

Other Resources

• Trees in the Townscape – a Guide for Decision Makers – developed by the Trees and Design Action Group the Trees in the Townscape Guide offers a comprehensive set of 12 action-oriented principles which can be adapted to the unique context of your own town or city to provide a roadmap for trees in a 21st century context. Each principle is fully supported by explanations of delivery mechanisms, examples of the principle in practice and links to further references.

• Green Infrastructure – Valuation Tools Assessment – Natural England published this report in September 2013, which was commissioned to draw together a number of the most widely used tools and assess them against research standards for natural science and economics. In the report, i-Tree is judged as fit for purpose.

• Independent Panel on Forestry – Final Report – The report (commissioned to advise the Government on the future of England’s forests and woodlands) calls for the benefits of England’s woods and forests to be re-valued for all the services they provide. These include not only areas for recreation, but also clean air, clean water, habitats for wildlife, locking up carbon, shading in cities – even helping in flood reduction. Treeconomics’ Torbay project was highlighted in the report and shows how i-Tree can help you manage your woodlands and access funding for this purpose.

We hope that you found the above reference materials useful. If you have any resulting questions or enquiries or you need further information, then please do not hesitate to contact us.