We’re proud to be part of some exciting projects that are helping our clients understand the impact of their tree stocks and take relevant action. Take a look below to read more about projects that are either complete or are currently underway:

lottery fund

A Torbay initiative that links personal health with the benefits of trees has been awarded £8000 of lottery funding.

The project, which is thought to be one of the first of its kind in England, involved a number of partner organisations working together to develop the idea, and will see a series of tree focused walks being promoted via a phone app across Brixham, Torquay and Paignton.

Torbay Council, the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, Hi-Line and Treeconomics collaborated on the plan, which is hoped will encourage more Torbay residents to get out in the fresh air while appreciating nature – with a particular focus on trees.

The project has a strong interactive online element, known as an ‘iTree Trail’, which most of the funding will be spent on.


New Report Highlights the Benefits London’s Trees Bring to Air Quality

A new report has identified that the tree population of inner and outer London holds nearly 2.4 million tonnes of carbon and is sequestering an additional 77,000 tonnes per annum.  This is equivalent to the total amount of carbon generated by 26 billion vehicle miles.

The report, principally authored by Kenton Rogers, covered the whole of the Greater London area. Indeed, the London i-Tree project is the largest survey undertaken to date worldwide using the i-Tree software.


The full report of the findings by Treeconomics from the first i-Tree Eco project to be undertaken in the UK, in the borough of Torbay can be viewed here. The results demonstrate that the tree stocks of even a medium-sized local authority can represent a significant structural and environmental asset.

We were the first in the UK to use the i-Tree Eco software, which calculates the economic worth of trees based on the ecosystem services they provide.

The findings of the pilot project indicate that Torbay contains approximately 818,000 trees, 28.9% of which are under public ownership.  The trees store 98,100 tons of carbon and sequester a further 4,279 tons each year.  They also remove 50 tons of pollutants from the atmosphere each year, a service with an estimated value of £281,000.  Probably the most interesting figure to come out of the study is that for the structural value of the Torbay tree stocks, which has been calculated at a remarkable £280 million.

For further information, including to arrange a presentation or to commence a survey please contact us.

This study was the 2nd major i-Tree project in the UK and involved an assessment of all trees within the Victoria Business Improvement District (BID) in London. It’s an excellent example of best practice for urban tree assessment, combing an i-Tree Eco project with an amenity tree valuation using CAVAT and also a storm water valuation using the Green Infrastructure Valuation Toolkit, highlighting the versatility of these tools. Download Victoria i-Tree report.

In October 2013 the Victoria BID project’s Best Practice Guide was launched, relevant to anyone undertaking a GI audit or delivering opportunities identified through the GI audit process.

Sidmouth Arboretum – the country’s first civic arboretum – is measuring the benefits and true value of the trees in Sid Valley.Established in 2010, the Arboretum is not restricted to a single site but incorporates the whole of the parish – including trees on both public and private property.

To assist in planning for the future, to know which trees to plant and where, the Arboretum has worked in partnership with Treeconomics to train volunteers to complete an i-Tree Eco survey and to identify and assess the health of Sidmouth’s trees.

The Arboretum are now using the results to inform a community tree strategy and recently held a Tree Summit to engage the wider public.

Treeconomics, in association with Treework Environmental Practice, has provided an i-Tree Eco training and support package to quantify the societal benefits of Luton Borough Council’s parks, thereby facilitating Luton in delivering long-term sustainable ecosystem services for its residents.  The report is currently in preparation.  For further details please contact us.

If you would like to discuss how we can run a project for you or find out more about how Treeconomics can assist you, please contact us.