Forthcoming Events

The following is a list of forthcoming events that are relevant to promoting and encouraging the green infrastructure and the benefits that it provides or other relevant and interesting exhibitions, conferences, seminars etc.

  • 2nd International Conference on Urban Tree Diversity; Melbourne, Australia, February 2016 – this bi-annual international conference, brings together leading researchers and practitioners to discuss aspects of urban tree diversity from around the world. The aim of the event is to assess the state-of-art of research and promote the development of good practice and innovative approaches to urban tree planning and management. The conference will be interdisciplinary, while also engaging urban tree professionals working for the public and private sector, as well as NGOs. The website is still open for abstract submissions for oral presentations until 23 October 2015. Abstracts on all aspects of the benefits that trees provide in the urban landscape are welcome. Find out more… 

If you have an event that is appropriate and you would like to see listed here, then please do not hesitate to contact us with details.